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 Are you wanting to train as a coach, to either begin a career in coaching or to use coaching more effectively in your current career?


We have a clear training pathway starting from the basics all the way through to expert coach.


Step 1 – Get Coaching Fundamentals


A 3 hr introduction to Coaching Fundamentals, which will give you the opportunity to see if coaching is the right path for you and if we are the right training provider.


Step 2 – Accredited Diploma in BRIGHT Coaching


Accredited Diploma providing an in-depth study of BRIGHT coaching and it’s theoretical foundations through discussion, group exercises, self-study and live coaching practice. This course provides sufficient training hours for coaches wishing to pursue Professional or Master Coach Accreditation with the AC.

Step 3 – Coaching Mastery Programme


Honing your skills and enhancing your awareness, amongst a group of high-quality, like-minded coaches, the Coaching Mastery Programme will build upon the attributes you already possess as a coach. Challenging, reflecting and shaping you and your coaching practice through theory, discussion, live practice, feedback and peer review.



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