Coaching in the Great Unknown

by John Borland

Coaching in the Great Unknown is a different kind of coaching book. It dives right in to the heart of coaching taking you on a journey to what coaching is, how it works and why ‘not knowing’ matters more than you know. Blowing away some of the traditional views of coaching.  John Borland reveals the pillars, positions and skills of coaching along with his BRIGHT Coaching Framework.


Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned pro, this book will throw you fresh and thought-provoking perspectives on what reall makes coaching powerful.  It’s probably the most down-to-earth coaching book you will ever read and will change the way you coach forever.

Coaching in the great unknown by john borland fluent coaching



“Great read with key themes to ponder and work through whether you know about coaching or not. Experience doesn’t matter. Can be accessed and enjoyed by all. I loved it!!!”


“A great book for anyone interested in becoming a coach or for those already a coach. Lots of insightful stories to support the theory of coaching which adds to the readability and flow of the book.


“If you want to improve your life, improve your coaching or simply want an inspiring read, this is the book that will do it. An up to date coaching model which really works!

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Connect Happy

by John Borland

The more connected you are, the happier you will be, because connection sits at the very heart of your happiness. Connected and happy is what we all once were. Yet, we find ourselves in such a misconnected world, that our connection has gone awry and our happiness has waned. In Connect Happy, John Borland reveals how different life can be when you find true connection. Challenging and guiding you to figure out how to return to the connected and happy way of life you once knew, whilst also revealing the aspects of your life that have caused you to misconnect.

Connet Happy
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