Career Performance Training

  • Stop The Clock

  • Time management can be the biggest killer of productivity and success. Learning how to better manage this precious resource will enable you to prioritise and focus on what you really need to.


    Key Outcomes


    Discover where and how your time is spent



    Understand how 3 dimensional thinking helps



    Learn how to change your mindset of time




    3 hours

  • Handling Confilict

  • Wherever people are together, conflict happens, and so often we unwittingly escalate the problem. Learning how to handle conflict well and turn it into an advantage is a great skill.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand your responses to conflict



    Learn how to deescalate



    Discover how to create a win-win attitude




    6 hours

  • Understanding Your Business

  • Taking time out to really get to know your business, the people, the processes, the clients and the competition is vital to the ongoing success and health of your business.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand what your ‘hedgehog concept’ is



    Discover how well your vision is implemented



    Know how to keep ahead of your competition




    12 hours

  • DIscovering your purpose

  • Truly understanding how you are wired up and what makes you tick is vital to your success. Knowing your purpose enables you to align your work, decision-making and futures goals.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand what your element is



    Learn how to recognise your values



    Discover your personal vision & mission




    12 hours

  • The Sales Funnel

  • Creating and maintaining sales is at the heartbeat of every business, yet it can be easy to wander off track. Truly understanding and refining your sales funnel is vital for your ongoing success.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand your message, market and media



    Identify how to enhanced your service



    Know how to better retain clients




    12 hours

Career Performance Coaching

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