What is Coaching?

We describe coaching as a partnership that empowers people to take ownership for their own development. It’s a completely individualised form of professional and personal development that is focused on moving forward, creating awareness and improvement. The most effective part of coaching is that we don’t tell you what to do; we enable you to discover the answers for yourself because we believe that you are the expert on you.


Key Outcomes


Develop leadership skills


Improve work/life balance


Increase self-awareness


Enhance performance


Grow attitudes and behaviours


and much, much more.


Is Coaching like Therapy, Counselling, Mentoring or Consltancy?

Coaching is not like therapy as we’re not trying to heal people. It’s different from counselling because we’re not focused on where you have been in your life; rather we are looking at where you are going. Coaching is not like mentoring or consultancy because we’re not the expert with all the answers and experience, we approach it as an equal partnership and allow you to work out your own solutions.

How does it work


We create a confidential, supportive space to talk which enables you to discover how best to develop yourself. After an initial conversation, the coaching is focused on each person’s specific needs and aims.





Most often we will coach on a monthly basis. Each session is an hour long, and we can work with up to 7 individuals in one full day. We continue coaching for as long each individual needs.





£1850 (+vat) per full day coaching



Real life conversations are better!

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