What is Coaching?

Whole person coaching is incredibly powerful and effective. It empowers you to take responsibility, raises awareness and self-esteem, inspires you to create and achieve, and enables you to discover more about what really works for you.


It’s a completely individualised form of professional and personal development that is focused on moving forward, creating awareness and developing yourself. The most effective part of coaching is that we don’t tell you what you should do; we enable you to discover the answers for yourself because we believe that you are the expert on you.


So, after an initial conversation, the coaching is focused on each person’s specific needs and aims, which might range from developing leadership, growing self-esteem, improving relationships, changing work/life balance, creating greater fulfilment and much more.


Coaching is a partnership that creates a space to talk that is confidential, non-judgmental, truthful, challenging and empowering.



Is coaching like therapy, counselling, mentoring or consultancy?


In a nutshell, no. Coaching is not like therapy as we’re not trying to “fix” or heal people.

Coaching is not like counselling because we’re not focused on where you have been in your life; rather we are looking at where you are going. Coaching is not like mentoring or consultancy because we’re not the expert with all the answers and experience, we approach it as an equal partnership and allow you to work out your own solutions.


How does it work?


There is no magic wand (although sometimes the impact coaching has does feel a little bit magical).


We simply arrange an agreed time to talk on a regular basis, and through a series of focussed conversations, our clients are able to discover ways to think, feel and act differently.


As coaches we play a supporting role, metaphorically ‘walking alongside’ our clients, helping them to create the growth and development that is right for them.




1 to 1 coaching will empower you to develop yourself, your team or your whole organisation.


It’s a completely individualised form of professional development that will enable you to find your own way forward.

Real life conversations are better!

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