Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

1 to 1 coaching will empower you to develop yourself, your team or your whole organisation.


It’s a completely individualised form of professional development that will enable you to find your own way forward.  Some organisations use it to develop their leadership, others for well-being and some simply select the staff members they think will benefit the most.


After an initial assessment, coaching is focused on each person’s specific needs and aims, which might range from developing leadership, improving work/life balance, shifting culture, growing confidence, creating greater fulfilment and much more.


It’s a completely confidential conversation that gives people the opportunity to really focus on their own development.  It’s been described as the most bespoke form of CPD available.

Exec Coaching



There is no definitive time-period over which coaching takes place because each organisation and individual have differing needs.

However development takes time, so we normally ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months.




Most commonly coaching takes place once a month, but it can range from weekly through to quarterly and everything in between, again, depending on need



Your place.  One of our coaches will come to you, and all we need is a quiet private room.




£1850 (+vat) per day for up to seven members of staff.

Real life conversations are better!

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