Leadership Training

  • My Leadership Style

  • Why do some leadership styles work and some don’t? Truly understanding your own leadership style and how to develop greater range in your leadership is vital your success.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand what your leadership style is



    Learn the impact of various leadership styles



    Know how to apply situation leadership




    3 hours

AC 3 hours
  • Leading & Managing Teams

  • Teams can be amazing but also very complicated to lead. Greater understanding of how to lead and mange teams will en- able you to create more successful teams.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand what makes teams work



    Recognise the dysfunctions of teams



    Know how to foster team work and performance




    6 hours

  • Transition & Change Leadership

  • Navigating change can be a tricky business, particularly for the leader. Increasing your awareness of transitions and how to lead through them increases your chance of success.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand how transition really flows



    Learn what hinders people from changing



    Know how to communicate through transition




    12 hours

  • The Connected Leader

  • Connection is often over-looked by many leaders, and yet it sits at the heart of any successful leadership. Learning how to connect better with your team enhances your influence and commitment.


    Key Outcomes


    Understand how connection really works



    Learn how to move through the 3R’s



    Know how to create quality connections




    12 hours

  • The Self-Aware Leader

  • The greatest leaders are also the most self-aware. Understanding the impact you have on yourself and those around you is the best resource you have as a leader.



    Key Outcomes


    Understand what truly makes you tick



    Learn how to self-reflect and self-observe



    Know what impact your presence has on others




    18 hours


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