Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching


We offer personal coaching for a whole host of people.


It’s a completely personalised form of development that will enable you to find your own way forward.  Some people use it to develop specific areas of their life, others for well-being and some to achieve certain goals or milestones.


After an initial session, coaching is focused on your specific needs and aims.


It’s a completely confidential conversation that gives you the opportunity to really focus on your own development.


Coaching can take place either face to face, video or phone call and because we want to make coaching accessible we offer it at a special personal rate.



There is no specific duration over which coaching takes place as each person’s needs are unique, so the process is continuously reviewed.




Sessions can take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly.



Suitable coaching venue or Skype




We offer a special personal rate of £60 per hour (inc vat).

Real life conversations are better!

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