The Empowering Leader Programme

An empowering leadership programme like no other. Providing an opportunity for a in-depth look at yourself as a leader, and a chance to develop those leadership qualities that truly make a difference. This programme is not just about the ‘doing’ of leadership, but also about the ‘being’, and the chance to hone those leadership characteristics that empower others.


For leaders at all levels, from aspiring to experienced and from team leader to CEO. This programme is inter-active, engaging and thought-provoking. Consisting of 10 half-day sessions (or 5-full day sessions) and designed specifically to provide the skills, awareness and confidence to create more empowering leaders within your business.



Session 1 – Your Leadership Style

Session 2 – Why People (don’t) Follow

Session 3 – Creating Connection

Session 4 – Coaching Leadership

Session 5 – Values-Based Leadership

Session 6 – Creating Quality Cultures

Session 7 – (Not So) Difficult Conversations

Session 8 – Leading Teams

Session 9 – Creating Growth Not Change

Session 10 – Empowerment Leadership


30hrs (10 x half-day sessions or 5 x full-day sessions)


Over Zoom (or in-person if logistics allow)

Real life conversations are better!

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